Accelerated Artist is offically launched

It is official - with a heavy heart I have resigned as CEO of The Savvy Actor after 7 years. Although we tried hard to make it work, due to irreconcilable differences between Kevin Urban and myself, we could not let our partnership continue as it was. I wish Kevin well as he takes Savvy on a new path.

For those of you who know me well, know that the two values I hold most dear in life are integrity and influence. Being at the helm of The Savvy Actor for all these years has allowed me to exercise those values to the nth degree. The idea of not being able to influence others to help fulfill their dreams and to motivate them to get the career they want does not sit well with me. It challenges my integrity to NOT do that.

So… I am super excited to begin a new journey.

Super excited to take all the business knowledge I have, coupled with all I have learned as a producer to start something new.

Super excited to move forward with my business partner, Christina Shipp, as we take all of our business teachings and ‘10X’ it, to play a bigger game!

I am honored to announce the official launch of our bicoastal business:

Accelerated Artist
Master the Business of YOU

I look forward to continuing our conversation and having you in our Accelerated Artist community. And excited for you to meet our entire team!!

VP - Christina Shipp, Career Coach - Doug Shapiro, Career Coach - Chris McGahan, Office Manager Manager - Wendy Elizabeth Abraham, Graphic Designer - Siobhan Doherty and our web developer extraordinaire Amy Russ!

So like our FB page and then go to our website and download our free Ebook!

Change can be scary...but it is indeed inevitable and fun!!!

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