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New York Here I Come...

Being in NYC as 2016 ends..... this whirlwind of a year filled with change and growth, was simply perfect. Since I moved to LA, I've kept saying that I don't miss NYC. After all that I have been through this year, I realized this trip that NYC is a part of me. It is my home, it is in my blood, it is comfortable. The energy in NYC is unlike any other city, hands down. I honor and respect my time in this glorious town...and I do miss it. I know it and I love it. And I also love my new life in Los Angeles, that is where I am meant to be as I build the next phase of my career and my life with Matt. But It hit me that I can love where I am AND deeply respect where I've been. How freeing. :) I also felt my love deepen for all my incredible friends! I literally was in NYC for 72 hours and I saw 33 people!!! 


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