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"....Jodie Bentley does an awesome job narrating." - Crazy Beautiful Love (Audible Review)

"Jodie was outstanding - all of her voices were so unique." - Haunting Refrain (Audible Review)

"Jodie Bentley does a perfect job of narrating and I got goose bumps every time I heard Mason's voice...YUMMY" - Meant for Me (Audible Review)

"The narration for Shadows of Asphodel was strong, in my opinion. Jodie Bentley had unique voices and most her male voices came off satisfactorily masculine. I'd definitely listen to another book with her narrating. I hope Jodie Bentley will narrate the next book in the series, so I can continue listening to it!"  - Shadows of Asphodel (Audible Review)

"I just couldn't turn it off, being afraid I would miss something. The narrator, Jodie Bentley does a great delivery of this story to us with many different voices and accents. Lots of fear and emotions in the voices too." - Haunting Refrain (Audible Review)

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