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“Jodie is awesome to work with! She’s 100% on top of her game and takes direction brilliantly.
Highly recommend working with her! She is a gift to any director and is a great storyteller.”
Jessica Redish, Writer/Director

About Jodie

Actor or cardiologist?

That’s the question my teenage brain couldn’t figure out. Thankfully my decision came easy with an early acceptance to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. I never went to my 2nd interview for Brown’s Pre-Med program and instead moved to NYC at 17-years old.

And just like that…I became a cliché –
“I’m not a doctor. I just play one on TV.” 😬

Storytelling was always in my blood. Not because I came from a family of performers. The exact opposite actually. Mom was a nurse. Dad was an electrician. We were blue-collar through and through.

I grew up with a special needs sister. She was the older one. I was the bossy one. Her happiness was my goal which I manifested with a lot of make believe and stories. What I didn’t realize then was how much she shaped me. My deep values of integrity and belonging stem from my 8-year-old self yelling at the boys who’d walk by our house to make fun of my sister in the yard.

Now as an actor, writer, producer, and audiobook narrator, I tell stories that raise social consciousness and are about the human connection. I believe in inclusion, and everyone being seen and heard. That’s at the core of who I am as an artist.

That’s also carried over to who I am as a teacher and career coach. Since 2008, I’ve coached actors and artists to achieve their goals, implement success strategies, become organizational masters and own their brand. I’ve been an adjunct professor at multiple universities and have taught at over 50+ universities and training programs. Why? To allow my fellow actors to be seen and heard for who they are and what they want.

In this creative life I’ve chosen, that’s what drives me. It’s led me to be in projects at TIFF, Cannes, Tribeca, ABC, CBS, Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV and more. It’s led me to be an Audible Approved producer with over 50+ audiobooks under my belt. It’s also led me to have hundreds of clients globally in my coaching business.

This Type-A Virgo also married her high school sweetheart after a lifetime apart and a reconnection meant for a rom-com. We live in Los Angeles with our dog Tater Tot where we love our AMC Stubs membership, date nights, our old prom photo 😳, wine tasting and as much traveling as we can fit in our busy schedules.