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Jodie is an Audible Approved Producer.

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Reviews from Audible

“I have heard many audiobooks, but Jodie’s audio narration was excellent and outstanding.”

“The narrator did an excellent job speaking in all the different male and female voices. How she’s able to do this is extraordinary.”

“Jodie Bentley does an awesome job narrating.”

“Jodie was outstanding – all of her voices were so unique.”

“Jodie Bentley does a perfect job of narrating and I got goose bumps every time I heard Mason’s voice…YUMMY”

“The narration for Shadows of Asphodel was strong. Jodie Bentley had unique voices and most her male voices came off satisfactorily masculine. I’d definitely listen to another book with her narrating. I hope Jodie Bentley will narrate the next book in the series, so I can continue listening to it!”  

“I just couldn’t turn it off, being afraid I would miss something. The narrator, Jodie Bentley does a great delivery of this story to us with many different voices and accents. Lots of fear and emotions in the voices too.”

“Jodie Bentley did an amazing job portraying all of the characters in the series.”

“The narrator, Jodie Bentley, does a great delivery of this story to us with many different voices and accents. Lots of fear and emotions in the voices too.”

“Ms. Bentley did a wonderful job portraying each of the characters-male and female. This is the first female reader I’ve listened to that I TRULY enjoyed. She gave each of the characters their own individual sound so that when I wasn’t reading along, I could still easily determine who was speaking. Her voice as the narrator didn’t sound like the lead female character’s-something that drives me absolutely bananas. She has an awesome voice (and not just her singing voice-which is quite pretty in a very sweet, soothing way).”

“I am impressed with Jodie’s performance and how she differentiates between the various characters. “

“The story just drew me in. Alex Trout, the voices and reactions portrayed by Jodie Bentley were very believable.

“I found myself biting my lip, laughing, and cringing at various points of the story. The narrator was good at giving different characters their own voice,,, always a plus. Not only did I listen to this book straight through as I cleaned the house, I’ve replayed it twice since then. Looking forward to hearing the next AT book!

“The narrator, Jodie Bentley, makes a great interpretation of Alex, with her slightly dismissive, sardonic approach to colleagues as she tackles both crime and her life. Her voicing of other characters is also distinct…overall a competent and enjoyable performance.”

“I love when I read the book and keeping up with the Alex trout series is great, but listening to it on Audible makes the story just come to life and so much more interesting… it’s hard to stop listening and put it down!

“Excellent narration.. hands down.”


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