Foreign Sales Reps interested in The Jokesters

That’s right! Two foreign sales reps reached out to us about distribution for The Jokesters. This is big time! 

Thank you to everyone for helping to make this project such a success! Your purchases, views of the trailer, and social media buzz has helped us grab attention in the foreign markets!

If you haven’t bought your copy… please do it now.

It’s now $14.99!!
Link to Buy: AmazonLink_TheJokesters

Then email your Amazon order to my producing partner Nathan Reid at so he can send you the director’s exclusive cut as a thank you!

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Directed by Anthony Wedding

DP Leo Jaramillo
Cast: Dante Spencer Luis Jose Lopez Gabriel Tigerman Jen Yeager, Nathan Reid, Jodie Bentley, Sandra Luesse, Jim Dowd, Lyndsi LaRose, and Ryan Ryans.
Executive Produced by: Michael Carmah Josh Davis Johnny Greenlaw Mary Reid Gabrielle Reid and Jessica Goldman
Mask by: Afton Adams
Make Up: Kayla Chavez Jen Fregozo and Natasha Targa
Best beard and camera focus: Nicholas Kramer
Sound: Ray Gaona