Goodbye 2016

Dear 2016,

You were a year of getting back to my roots. Rekindling familial connections and childhood friendships, embracing roots of my past and honoring them, and through that rediscovering my own truths that I buried. An unexpected year of realizations, truth and pain.

And through the shedding and change I finally discovered and felt the true meaning of surrender (thank you MITT) and love (thank you Matt Viera).

2016 you were filled with more lessons and personal growth than I can even account for here…. and I wouldn't change a thing. Dare I say, you were a great year? Yes, because you brought me to the place I am right now with exactly the right people in my life.

2017….I am coming for you with a full heart, a strategic mind, an overflow of compassion and a lot of goals. I am ready.