My article for Accelerated Artist Thanksgiving series is still so relevant as the new year approaches. I’m happy to share it here with all of you.



My gosh this year has flown by. As the holidays approach, look back on this year and examine all there is to be grateful for. I know, I know – every newsletter in your inbox this month is about being grateful – I just read three of them myself! And gratitude is an extremely powerful gift. You have no idea how that simple thank you card, or email, or $10 contribution impacts the receiver’s life, which in turn impacts someone else, which in turn impacts someone else and so on and so on.

Thanksgiving time reminds us what is important. And what is important is to be grateful for what you have, as well as every person and experience that has aided and enhanced your life.

Showing appreciation to your family and friends, that’s sort of a given around the holidays. What about that casting director who booked you on your first voice over, or that director you just worked with whom you loved, or your agent who believes in you, or that casting office that always calls you in? Take the time to thank people, truly thank people, for being in your life.

All the people in this industry are just that…. people! People love to be thanked. They love to feel they made a difference and be acknowledged for what they do. Most of us only reach out to the industry when we want something – come to my show, or can I get seen on that project, or think of me, or I want an interview because I need new representation. All that is understandable. I urge you to take your business to a new level and show your team, your contacts, your support system, your fans that you are grateful for them and wish them luck in what they are doing.

Human kindness goes a long way and is not forgotten.

Back in March, I had the opportunity to work with two different management companies. I chose one – therefore, having to turn down the other. I sent a card to the woman, whom I did not decide to work with. I thanked her for her belief in me and her openness and positivity.

After a few months, it became clear that the manager I chose to go with was not for me. I ended our partnership. Well, when I was ‘back on the market,’ who do you think I reached out to first? The other manager I had turned down of course! Awkward? Weird? Hell no! I originally ended our working relationship with gratitude and respect. She was delighted to hear from me, said there were no hard feelings and we have been working together for 2 months now. I know our relationship was able to pick up like that because of gratitude. Because of a simple card.

So, as the holidays approach plant your seeds. Make a list of the casting directors you see a lot, and people you’ve met at networking events that you just really liked, and anyone that would you would like to show your appreciation towards and send them a card, an email, a small gift, whatever rings true to you.

Reach out and be thankful. That is the way to move forward – not only in business but in life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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