My New Professional VO Booth!

It’s finally here!!! My VO BOOTH is now a welcomed addition to the office/guest room! I literally feel like I’ve been talking about this forever. It arrived over the weekend and I’m finally getting in there today to play around with sound. I had some pickups to do this weekend on my last book and needed to finish it where I started it…in my closet. But now I’m out of the closet! Woo-hoo! My new mic stand and monitor arrived today. My table arrives on Thursday. Still searching for the perfect comfy chair to fit inside. It’s all pretty exciting. I have to say, I was on cloud 9 when it arrived… and then panic set it. What if the sound isn’t great? What if I still hear the airplanes? What if I never book another book again!? It’s amazing what the mind does, isn’t it? All that tells me is I’m growing and pushing my own boundaries. So…here’s to growth! Even though it’s scary…it’s always worth it.