Reignite your Passion… from Accelerated Artist Blog

As a highly organized Type A Virgo, I love the start of the New Year. It’s a clean slate. You get another opportunity to really take risks. You get another chance to fully commit to what you want in your life and in your career. The key is to doing so with determination and grit. So how do you do that when feeling overwhelmed, heavy, or out of control?

Realize you are in control of your career—it’s a very powerful thing. And all you have to do is choose. If you’re having difficulty choosing it’s because there’s something you just don’t know, some knowledge you need to make a decision grounded in value-based logic. Ultimately, it is simply deciding to take any small step—and doing so definitively and firmly.

It’s time to make a decision: Are you going to strive for what you want wholeheartedly in your life and your career with ultimate determination? Are you ready to empower yourself in your career to get the changes you’d like to see?

But…wait. How the heck do you DO that?

How do you become ‘determined’ and continue that determination through 2016?

By igniting your passion, activating your passion, and embracing your passion.

Passion can wane! You go-go-go in your career and then forget why you became an actor in the first place. You forget what your greater purpose is. The ‘why’ you get up each morning and act out the motions in your life. And that ‘why’ is your passion. It’s what keeps you going. It’s what drives you forward. It’s what makes you determined to achieve this or that: a powerful surge of energy that moves you.

Are you connected to yours? Do you see what you want in this year, from yourself, in 2016? And not only in your career—we’re holistic—your life informs your art. Are you connected to a motivating, mitigating passion that gives you enthusiasm to create and live joyfully, and serve others?

My own passion faltered half way through last year. I had been in LA for 2 years, and I started to do things because they were automatic, safe or what I knew. I lost touch with my own ‘why’ in many areas of my life. Things were going good, but deep down I knew they could be great and felt unsettled. I wanted that passionate feeling back and I couldn’t seem to find it.

Then I found these words from Michael Gerber in The E-Myth Mastery:

“Passion is what passion is. You can feel its current coursing through your body. You can feel the water breaking against your inner emotional rocks. You can feel the waves of wanting rise inside of you without the slightest warning. You know how it feels, you know what passion is even when you don’t. There’s not a soul on the face of the earth who hasn’t been taken by that energy that is so innately, so organically, so uniquely Me.

It’s the passion of the soul that keeps jumping off rocks, that yearns to fly like a bird; it’s the passion of the mind that pursues visions. Without the passion of the mind, the passion of the soul spins out of control chasing first this thing and then that. Without the passion of the soul, however, the passion of the mind creates an endless stream of empty suits, dreams without heart, form without substance. It is the purposeful integration of the two that puts the juice to work in the invention of a great business. And it is the living heart of every entrepreneur.”

The integration of the passion of the soul and the passion of the mind! I had to remind my mind ‘why’ I do what I do. I had to dig deep again to answer that question for myself. You constantly have to check-in and recalibrate, when better than now? I had to remind my soul that I hadn’t been dreaming and needed some of that magic reignited!

I’m feeling good this start of 2016, and I’m happy I reconnected with my passion. My soul and mind are ready to tackle this year with determination, and I am grateful. Are you?

I know you are. You are the best thing about creative and business. The sky’s the limit when you’re connected to your passion. Reignite it. Nurture it. Grow it. Here’s to your passionate determination and persistence activating your goals and desires to life this year!
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