We bought a home!

I know this isn’t acting related and I had to share that my hubby and I bought a house!

Back in 2018 we set a 5 year goal to buy a house.

I didn’t even feel it was possible in the moment, but it’s what we wanted. I firmly believe if you don’t plan for it, it will never happen.

We crafted a savings plan and stuck to it.

Every Sunday we’d venture to a new neighborhood, grab a coffee and walk our dog Tater Tot to narrow down where we wanted to live.

Every night we would scour Redfin and Zillow. We’d pine over properties we couldn’t afford and dismiss the ones we actually could. Obviously, there was wine involved. We collected a lot of data.

In June this year, we sort-of-kind-of-decided we saved enough and were ready to look for real. It was scary as hell!

Here’s what happened next:

June 12th – we had dinner with our dear friend Adam Schenk who’s a PHENOMENAL realtor (realestatejedi.com) and told him what we wanted.

June 18th – we saw three properties including one that was a bit out of our price range but was just so damn gorgeous!

 June 20th – we went all in and put an offer on the damn gorgeous home that was a bit out of our price range and hoped for the best.

June 22nd – we found out it was between us and one other party Shit got real.

June 23rd – we drank a lot of wine and decorated the entire house in our minds.

June 24th (8am) – we found out we got outbid and did not get the house.

June 24th (11am) – we found out we got the house! Adam worked his Jedi mind tricks. His real estate company is realestatejedi.com so it made sense. We were beside ourselves!

July 26th – we closed!!! We gave the sellers 30 days to stay there as they packed to move out of state.

Aug 18th – we got our keys AND were surprised by friends and family who bought us the incredible dining room table we really wanted.

Aug 27th – Our 5 Year anniversary AND our official move date into our 3 bedroom/3 bath 2509sq feet oasis!!!

A two-month and two-week whirlwind on a goal that we completed before our 5 year mark!

We’ve been here almost 3 months now and I’m still pinching myself.Now there was definitely some luck involved. As we know –

Luck = Preparation + Opportunity